Help End HIV

Stand up for the ones we love
and the ones we've lost.
Now you can help researchers
find a vaccine to stop HIV.

Together we can end HIV and the fear, stigma and
marginalization it causes

Together we can end HIV and the fear, stigma and marginalization it causes

Fighting HIV is about all of us.
We have studies for people who do not have HIV and people living with HIV. If you are age 18 or older, you can help in the fight to end the HIV epidemic by joining a study.

Breakthroughs in vaccine research are bringing us closer to an HIV vaccine.
Thanks to decades of HIV research and advances made in COVID-19 vaccines, we are closer than ever to vaccines that can prevent HIV.

Why HIV?

Over the last 40 years, HIV has taken millions of lives of loved ones around the world. And while there are effective treatments, there is still no cure. Nearly 35,000 people got HIV in the US last year alone. And 13% of those who have it, don’t even know it.

Why a vaccine to prevent HIV?

Throughout history, science has shown that vaccines are one of the most important tools to prevent infectious diseases. That’s why finding a safe and effective vaccine to prevent HIV is a priority. But we can’t do it without the help of volunteers.

Why now?

Every day, thousands of people acquire HIV around the world. However, thanks to all these years of research and all the breakthroughs in COVID-19, we are closer to finding a vaccine to fight against HIV.

Why me?

History has shown us that when it comes to a pandemic, no one is safe until everyone is safe. Now science needs more people,—just like you—to get involved to ensure that all kinds of people are represented in research.

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Volunteers are crucial to finding safe, effective vaccines.

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When science and people come together, we can achieve amazing things.

See the road of the HIV milestones

Over 40-years of work-research, and advocacy - have advanced scientific understanding of this challenging virus.

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Our studies are conduced at over 40 research sites across the US.